The Brain Tumour Charity

Responsibilities: Strategy, Concept, Art Director & Copywriter



Brain tumours are the biggest killers of people under 40, yet don't get as much funding or attention as other cancer researchers. Lets celebrate the power of the brain and show what can be accomplished when people put their minds to it.


Recreate the nostalgic retro-game Pong, but with a twist. The controls are powered by brain waves using EEG technology. To play, people had to donate a minimum of £1.


Winner of the Oceans Outdoor Awards, the campaign got an international reach with an estimated 18 million impressions. The charity recieved their largest collection in history and the game was played over 400 times.

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BTC, Westfield Point, Jun ’14 2[2]
BTC, The Bridge, Jun ’14 2[2]


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